Good Fences #45

Good Fences #45

I snapped this shot as I waited for a traffic light last Thursday, in case I didn’t find any other fences that day. The iron fence in the foreground runs through the median strip in downtown Norfolk. The brick fence behind it is on the other side of the west-bound traffic lanes. The scene is more colorful when the crape myrtles are in bloom. 

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Wild Bird Wednesday #133–American Crow

American Crow

The American Crow is a large, stately bird, though quite skittish. Occasionally, they will visit our backyard for corn or peanuts. More often, they are found at the local shopping center hanging out with the seagulls, waiting for someone to toss a French fry their way.

The oldest recorded wild Crow lived to be 16-years-old. One in captivity lived 59 years.

Bring your bird photos and link-up!

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Tuesday Note

Popping in to say hi! I have a devotional due Wednesday and it’s taking longer than expected. I should get back to my normal blog-reading and visiting schedule once that’s done. I miss you and look forward to catching up. I hope the weather is being nice to you, wherever you are. We got an inch of snow that caused a few delays this morning, but it’s mostly gone now. Hugs!

Thank you for the words I'm about to write...
Thank you for the words I’m about to write…

Share Your World–2015 Week 4

Share Your World

Here are Cee’s questions for this week. I enjoy reading your responses, too. If you aren’t creating a post to link to Cee’s blog, please tell me how you would answer in the comments below.

Where did you live at age five?  Is it the same place or town you live now?share-your-world2
I lived in Fairmont, WV, at age five. No, it is not.

You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met.  Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?
I might, depending who invited me.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?
It seemed like a big town at the time.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A mom.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I’m grateful we’ve had Miss Z four years, and got to spend a day with her.
I’ve got a hankering for a new Bible translation, thinking about a New King James Version (NKJV). Does anyone else have an NKJV? Your thoughts?

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Rain Design mStand for Laptop

Meet my Rain Design mStand


I’ve been searching for a stand for my laptop–so it’s not so much LAP time, but a little more STAND time. Besides, if I can type/read at the kitchen counter, I can keep an eye on backyard activity.

I experimented with boxes, trying to get the right height, then a lap desk with cushioning for the wrists. But they came up too flat. I needed something with a bit of slope to it.

That’s when I found the Rain mStand.


It’s design allows the computer to sit at eye level on a desk. A separate keyboard would be needed for proper ergonomics. I was delighted to find it is perfect for standing at countertop height. In the first photo, you can see the cushion pads that keep the laptop from moving, and protect it from scratches. The mStand’s solid, one-piece construction is sturdy for typing.

Rain Design offers other computer solutions, too.

I ordered mine through and opted for in-store pickup. It’s also available at It’s not just for MacBooks, it will hold most 13-15″  laptops. More information is available on the Rain Design website.


A New Park in the Making

A New Park
with Good Fences!

The city of Virginia Beach sent their Outdoors Newsletter today, encouraging us to stop couch surfing and get outside! They listed new places to explore, so I didn’t waste any time. Right after lunch with hubby…and a short jaunt to the Apple store…I stopped at the Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Natural Area.

It’s a 42-acre preserve with over 12,000 feet of shoreline. It offers fishing, kayaking, a boat ramp, picnic shelter, playground, paved and soft trails for walking. Fencing is in place to stabilize the shore to prevent erosion and re-establish native vegetation. Lots of good fences! 

Click on any photo to bring up a slide show, mouse over for captions. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll keep you updated on the progress, as I intend to visit again.

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