Wild Bird Wednesday–Painted Bunting

Wild Bird Wednesday

The Painted Bunting is a medium-size finch.


Painted Bunting

This little fellow showed up last week–too late for Wild Bird Wednesday. I didn’t see him again until five days later. I’m glad he is still in our area and hope he’ll spend the winter with us. He’s a rather rare sighting here, a bit north of their normal summer breeding territory.

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I’m experimenting with a new blog theme for the holidays. If you don’t see a comment box at the bottom of this post, please click the post title at the top. That should open it in a new page, which will include the comment box at the bottom. I do love to hear from you. Thanks!


37 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–Painted Bunting

  1. Lucky you and your Painted Bunting! People that get a Painted Bunting visiting them are just so lucky. We have never had one and they are just the most festive bird with their feather colors. I am truly enjoying your larger pictures. Glad your Hubby is on the mend.

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    • This is the WordPress holiday theme. I’ve been considering an update of my blog, but hadn’t found the right one. I went off the deep end and tried this one. It’s festive, and it really does seem to complement the verse.

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    • Thanks for persevering, Debbie. I appreciate your efforts to leave a comment. It took me awhile to figure it out! I jumped into the deep end to try this holiday theme, and now I’m looking at other themes and plan to change it after the first of the year.


  2. This is an attractive theme, and I like the colors. (It’s the theme with orange and cream with a soft blue in the flowers.) Speaking of colors, that’s a bird with a wild color scheme. It looks like a tropical bird. Blessings to you, Patti…

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