Wild Bird Wednesday #124

Wild Bird Wednesday

This is what I found in my backyard this morning.


Pigeons put the WILD in Wild Bird Wednesday. They must have had a wild party while I slept. I wish I’d witnessed the feeder finding its way to the ground.

Sorry about the photo quality, there were raindrops on my window. We have wind and rain today–lots of both. Here are some shots from a drier day:


White-throated Sparrow


Northern Cardinal, male


Northern Cardinal, female

Joining the party at Wild Bird Wednesday
Thanks, Stewart!


51 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #124

  1. Pigeons would be a heavy weight on a bird feeder, especially several of them. I like your mention of a “wild party.” How aptly spoken. Pigeon flocks in the wild are not usually welcome where they choose to roost. One lengthy chapter of my life included a pet flock of pigeons. They looked different from the ones in your photo. Some were white and there were lots of variations. My husband called the wild ones commoners. He culled them out of his flock when he found them. Blessings to you, Patti…


  2. That first photo is hilarious — love the pigeon INSIDE the feeder! Yes, yesterday was rather unpleasant in our area, and it looks as though we’ll continue to have rain today. Maybe sunny tomorrow!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Patti!


    • The one inside the feeder was the icing on the cake, Dianna. Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, too. I wasn’t expecting my blog week to end so abruptly! Lots of catching up to do.


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