Monday Morning Hero

When I looked out the kitchen window this morning, a hawk sat right here:


And to its left, sat our contender.


This brave little squirrel charged at the hawk over and over. The hawk would spread its wings and lean toward the squirrel, but finally gave up and took its hunting elsewhere.


That was a good morning’s work–now where are those peanuts?

We found evidence a hawk visited over the weekend, and got one of our feathered friends. Thanks, Squirrel Hero, for sending it on its way–with an empty tummy.


23 thoughts on “Monday Morning Hero

  1. Good work, Squirrel! As beautiful as the hawks are, I’m always sad when they get a meal in our yard. That’s the downside of putting seed out for the birds. 😦

    Cute squirrel captures!



  2. Yikes! That’s a brave squirrel. Just last night and this morning we heard the coyotes howl a lot. When I asked Rick if we should worry about the calves, he set me straight on coyotes. “Nah…they’re cowards.” Really? I had no idea. hmmm…Coyotes, according to Rick, but you won’t catch me walking back to the barns or in the pastures at night.


    • I was surprised at how feisty the squirrel was, Georgette. They were toe-to-toe. That’s interesting about coyotes. I’ve read there are some in our area of the state, but I’ve never seen or heard them. I’m with you, I don’t think I’d be out there, either!


  3. Good JOB resident squirrel… had no idea you could back down a hawk… we try to shoo them away by clapping our hands and they just sit and laugh at us


  4. I’ve learned from experience that squirrels are ferocious and fearless. I can easily see one attacking a hawk. They can make their faces contort into fierce monster snarls and their eyes fill with the fury of hell. Don’t cross a squirrel. Don’t. Blessings to you, Patti…


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