Random 5 on Monday

Random 5

This seemed like a good idea at the time, hopefully, I can come up with five things to share. (Otherwise, you may surmise, I cannot count to five).

1. I need your input! Tuesday, I’m the “guest” speaker at my writers group. Yes, that’s tomorrow, or today, depending on when and where you read this. I’ve been kicking this around–for months!–and kept asking myself what I should talk about. I realized blogging is about the only thing I know, so, that’s what I will share. Would you be kind enough to tell me what you like most about blogging, and how long you’ve been at it? I welcome anything else you’d like to share.

2. After a very chilly weekend, today’s temperature got into the 70s-F. It was partly cloudy with occasional sunshine–tomorrow’s high is forecast to be 35-F. I decided today might be the last day I get (or want) to work outside, cleaning up the yard and garden. The fennel jungle was the first to go, making a hugely-visible difference; I was encouraged to keep at it. I filled three large bags with weeds and pruning debris. The pigeons cheered me on, hoping I’d finish fast and go inside so they could eat. Crows laughed as they flew overhead. A chickadee scolded me for taking so long.

3. As I finished, the rain came, so laundry kept me busy and out of trouble for the afternoon.

4. A messy storage basket on one of the kitchen shelves caught my eye. It holds tablecloths and related items. I found the fall tablecloth (about time, right?) and put it on the table. 

5. Hubby is on his way home, so I’m off to finish dinner. I knew when he smelled the bacon it wouldn’t take him long to get here!

I hope you had a great weekend. Do anything fun?

Don’t forget to leave your blogging thoughts in the comments for me. Thanks!




34 thoughts on “Random 5 on Monday

  1. So exciting Patti! I know you will do great! Here is an excerpt from a post I wrote last year:
    “I am discovering, or rather, re-discovering that I like to write and that I enjoy it when people read what I write. In the short time since I have started my blog, I am finding that blogging is helping me to really look into myself and see who I really am. When I am expressing my thoughts and feelings in my blog, I am both writer and reader at the same time – discovering and learning about the person who is me. I am able to see where I need to make improvements as a wife/mother/person and look earnestly at how I can achieve to be a better me. Blogging also gives me a wonderful way to share my amateur photography skills with others.”
    Here is the link to the whole post –

    I hope this is what you are looking for. And have fun tomorrow

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  2. I am probably to late to comment before your talk. Blogging has opened my eyes to other peoples world, their hardships, their joys. I have found bloggers very helpful when I have asked for help and advise. I have been more challenged in my photography and learned lots from others. I could go on and on but that is enough for now.

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  3. I just lit 6 candles, it is cold for Florida and overcast.. candles make me happy as does your photo of yours.
    Blogging helps me meet others with like minds, we become online friends, some i know their pets names but not their hubby’s. other I know the spouse name. I visit other countries, Bosnia, Austrailaia, Sweden are a few. i see things all over the world by traveling in my chair.
    it gives me a place to show my photos that i love to take, and a place to talk and know that someone will listen/read…relationships are built, i cry and laugh, mostly laugh, I receive and send prayers… I love blogging


  4. I have loved blogging because of the wonderful people I meet. I started off with a blog covering my and my husband’s journey during his Alzheimers. Having support from people I never met was unbelievably uplifting and got me through some very difficult times. Now, after he’s not here anymore, I blog because I love to keep in touch with my friends of old and make new ones along the way.


    1. Latane, I didn’t know your husband had Alzheimers. That’s a very hard thing to deal with, on many levels. I also put in a plug for your book, and told the group it’s available on Amazon. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your personal blogging journey with us.


  5. I think it’s great you giving the talk. I got into blogging in 2008 and I really did not know I would still be at it. At first it was a way of keeping my photos in a safe place and did not realize how many very nice people I would be meeting along the way. Now I love sharing and visiting other blogs. So, I guess the best part of blogging I would say is meeting people and sharing photos. It’s nice to be in touch with others who share the same love of photography too but I also learn a lot from all areas.

    I was in Virginia Beach on a flying visit. Arrived Saturday evening and left Sunday morning after dropping my father-in-law back home. I love your header and your candle photo.

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    1. Thanks, Denise.Your testimony shows how much we, and our blogs, change and grow over time.
      Those flying road trips are tough sometimes! If you land here for any length of time, I’d love to meet up somewhere for a quick visit. I know how hard it is, though, there’s never enough time with family.


    1. I was late getting it posted, Dianna, one of those last minute ideas that I thought might encourage the writers group. I posted the update when I got home. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I should have made you come with me. 🙂


  6. Good luck or maybe I should say I hope it went well. I have been blogging for four years and enjoy the friendships most. And having an audience that supports me and enjoys the sharing of my life!!


    1. Thanks, Debbie. I saw a link to your blog business cards on another site. What a great idea! I’d been kicking that idea around, but was rather at a loss on how to go about it.


    1. Shirley, I wish I had all the confidence my commenters think I have when it comes to speaking in front of a group of people. Knowing the audience helps somewhat. They’ve seen me grow from a quavering voice that could barely read aloud from my seat when I joined, to standing in front of them tonight. They are an encouraging bunch.
      Thank you–it was about time I got the fall decorations out! LOL


    1. LOL Janna, it was warm the day of gardening. At least, that was my excuse for playing outside before the cold arrived. 😉 Is it still warm there, or have the cold temps reached you?


  7. i am sorry i missed your post earlier, so it seems a moot point to add my thoughts. however blogging is certainly a great way to give expression to one’s creativity as well as meeting up with others from around the globe and seeing their expressions of creativity.
    the most challenging thing i find is time. in addition to working full time, having other responsibilities outside work, spending time in the real world – away from the computer, etc, it sometimes is a bit of a juggle. sometimes it’s a compromise of leaving a like rather than a comment, or possibly only looking at another blog, in order to have time to sort, edit and post images along with the story they tell.
    but challenge, shmallenge, it certainly is a delight to meet so many bloggers. the only sad thing is when they disappear from the blogosphere without any info. we unexpectedly and tragically lost Christine from down under in July of this year, and her family was kind enough to post what had happened. i really appreciated that. we had never met, and even so i was saddened to hear the news. yet it was good to know, rather than suddenly being confronted by a loud absence.
    there are others who have simply stopped blogging, and you wonder if they are simply good-busy with no time for blogging, or if something has happened to them, or even if they have passed away. sometimes there is just that unknown thing.
    and even though it is a virtual connection, they are significant relationships that i wouldn’t want to miss. it is a delight to hear about someone’s pet, or see some birthday celebrations or vacariously take part in trips or milestones.
    but your talk has been given, so no point in cluttering up your space here. even so, thanks for the opportunity to give expression to the significance of blogging, and the joy it brings.

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    1. Thanks for adding your comments, Kris. I’m sure there will be others who will read this at some point in time. We do miss the voices when they are silenced for one reason or another. How thoughtful of Christine’s family to acknowledge her blogging community. It would be nice if bloggers would share if they’re planning to take a break.


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