Random 5 on Monday

Random 5

This seemed like a good idea at the time, hopefully, I can come up with five things to share. (Otherwise, you may surmise, I cannot count to five).

1. I need your input! Tuesday, I’m the “guest” speaker at my writers group. Yes, that’s tomorrow, or today, depending on when and where you read this. I’ve been kicking this around–for months!–and kept asking myself what I should talk about. I realized blogging is about the only thing I know, so, that’s what I will share. Would you be kind enough to tell me what you like most about blogging, and how long you’ve been at it? I welcome anything else you’d like to share.

2. After a very chilly weekend, today’s temperature got into the 70s-F. It was partly cloudy with occasional sunshine–tomorrow’s high is forecast to be 35-F. I decided today might be the last day I get (or want) to work outside, cleaning up the yard and garden. The fennel jungle was the first to go, making a hugely-visible difference; I was encouraged to keep at it. I filled three large bags with weeds and pruning debris. The pigeons cheered me on, hoping I’d finish fast and go inside so they could eat. Crows laughed as they flew overhead. A chickadee scolded me for taking so long.

3. As I finished, the rain came, so laundry kept me busy and out of trouble for the afternoon.

4. A messy storage basket on one of the kitchen shelves caught my eye. It holds tablecloths and related items. I found the fall tablecloth (about time, right?) and put it on the table. 

5. Hubby is on his way home, so I’m off to finish dinner. I knew when he smelled the bacon it wouldn’t take him long to get here!

I hope you had a great weekend. Do anything fun?

Don’t forget to leave your blogging thoughts in the comments for me. Thanks!