Wild Bird Wednesday 120–Rufous-sided (Eastern) Towhee

It was a happy day at my house! Our first migrant birds showed up in the backyard today. I haven’t seen a Rufous-sided Towhee for a few years, so it was a treat to see another. 

Female Rufous-sided Towhee--please turn around!

Female Rufous-sided Towhee–please turn around!


Well, that’s a little better. But it will have to do for today.


The first White-throated Sparrow of the season arrived today, too.

Excited to share these with Wild Bird Wednesday!

Thanks, Stewart, for hosting this fun meme.


18 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 120–Rufous-sided (Eastern) Towhee

  1. You see many different kinds of birds. Your feeders must be well-known in the aviary world. All the flocks have your place highlighted on their maps, and you are their designated tour guide.

    During my bird-watching years, we were in a state park for a picnic, and a rufous-sided towhee saw himself in the driver’s side mirror of a parked car. It was hilarious as he danced and jumped and sang into the mirror like he’d found his soul mate. He flew away and came right back perhaps because the bird in the mirror didn’t follow. Blessings to you, Patti…

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    • I think they have GPS now, Carol Ann! October is usually a quiet month around the backyard with so many natural things for the birds to eat. I’m glad to see our winter visitors arriving. Bird behavior can be quite entertaining. Isn’t God good to have provided them? Blessings to you.


    • October is always a slow month since there are so many other things for them to eat, Shirley. With the cold snap coming this weekend, I imagine we’ll see more of our northern friends. 🙂 Keep an eye out! Thanks!


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