Wild Bird Wednesday #119–Brown Pelican

I’d better hurry and post if I want to get the Brown Pelican in while it is still Wednesday! I got carried away sorting photos into albums and the time flew by. We saw so many Brown Pelicans while we were vacationing along the lower east coast of the U.S. This one had the prime spot on a piling while the others waited patiently on the pier for their ship to come in. 

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Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican


28 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #119–Brown Pelican

    • This was taken in SC, Nancy, though I have heard of a few sightings here in winter. When it’s that cold, I don’t usually go to the beach! I may have to change my ways. 🙂


  1. I’ve probably missed my opportunity to find a pelican this year…I think they’ve migrated already…. they only show up for a portion of our year…we have the White Pelicans…I hope I can get this close to one eventually….. I love their comical shape….


  2. This handsome fella was a photo waitin’ to be taken, Patti. We see many of these lovely birds here in Central Florida, especially near the beach.
    blessings ~ maxi


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