48 thoughts on “Macro Monarch & Flowers

  1. The colors of the butterfly is beautiful! The pictures of the flowers almost seems like you can reach out and pick them. Wonderful!


    1. The butterflies were released from the Butterfly House recently, it was nice to find them “hanging around” the gardens, Shirley. Your compliment on the flower photographs was a delight to read. Thanks.


    1. We don’t usually see Monarchs until fall for some reason, Laura–and this was at the botanical garden, where they’d just been released from the exhibit. Thank you!


    1. It is a beauty, Pix. They are fairly protected at the butterfly house exhibit, and they were just released at summer’s end.
      One rhododendron we planted in the spring is fully abloom, the second has a bud starting to open. The third looks like a stick! Don’t know if it’s going to make it. Fall blooms are a nice surprise, most of our garden has faded, too. The Russian Sage still has purple flowers, and the blossoms on the Vitex tree are evident again. And I noticed fringy pink flowers on the Lorapetalum! The rest if pretty sad-looking. The milkweed was rather prolific this year, there’s been a cloud of seeds floating here, there and everywhere since the pods started breaking open.


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