Monday and Macros

A black-eyed susan finally showed up! Better late than never, I suppose.
Predatory Stink Bug

I went to the backyard to feed the birds and scrub the birdbaths. Which turned into weeding, watering, pruning, photographing…and a late post. It’s a lovely day to play outside. What better way to spend our last day of summer?

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26 thoughts on “Monday and Macros

  1. Both photos are lovely. I like the pinkish pastel colors in the background of the Black-eyed Susan. The bright red against the black on the stinkbug and the shades of gray around it make a striking display.

    When I lived in Ohio and Michigan, I truly felt disappointment when summers ended. Summers there seemed too short. Here summers seem very long, and I like long summers. Blessings to you, Patti…


    1. The pinkish color is the faded mulch, but it does make for a nice background, now that you mention it, Carol Ann. Summer is too short here, too! You’ll have to send us a bit of summer every so often!


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