Writers Conference

I thought I’d send you a picture of the lunch buffet on our break, but by the time I thought of it, there wasn’t much left to photograph.

Then I thought I’d post a sticky note, but didn’t remember how, and of course couldn’t find it under “help” when it came down to it.

So, here I am! (If you smell smoke, it’s just a bad case of brain fry.)

Thursday night was check in, then we had a two-hour session. There were five choices:

  • How to Nail Your 10-minute Agent Pitch
  • Catharsis of Poetry: Writing poetry based on personal hardships
  • Marketing Tips for Authors
  • Look Closely (Flash Fiction)
  • Convincing Nonfiction

I opted for the last one. (Trying to convince myself I’m a writer.)

This morning started with Intro Remarks and First Ten Lines Critique Session, followed by the Keynote Address given by Janet Burroway. She is a very encouraging speaker, and has many writing credits, from textbooks, to plays, to novels…and theΒ beat list goes on…

We had four one-hour sessions (a total of 20 different workshops from which to choose) with 15-minute breaks in between, and over an hour for lunch, which was provided for in our registration fee. During the 15-minute breaks, attendees who registered to pitch their work to an agent got the opportunity.

An afternoon session I attended was “Maximize your Twitter Platform.” I wasted my time, should have read “Twitter for Dummies” beforehand.

Tomorrow is another full day, and this girl won’t be burning the midnight candle at both ends tonight! (Or something like that.) Will chat with you tomorrow night with the wrap-up on the conference. And if I think of it, I’ll send you a picture of lunch!

Are any of you on Twitter? What are your thoughts on it?


22 thoughts on “Writers Conference

  1. These conferences can be draining with information overload but they are always worth it. Take good notes to refer to later, I found that worked for me. I’m on twitter and love it. Not sure if I use it to its full capacity though. I should attend a seminar I think. Enjoy tomorrow!

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    • Yes, they are worth it. I took notes, and they gave handouts, too. Our packet includes the notes for the sessions we didn’t take, so it’s writing nourishment for awhile to come. She gave us some hashtag links for connecting with readers, writers and publishing pros. If you’d like a list, let me know.


    • I’m so glad to have a conference right here in our city, Carol Ann. It is exciting, but a little draining. It’s nice to get so much information on so many topics in a short time, though. I’m ready to write again. Blessings to you.


  2. i signed up for Twitter maybe a year or so again and could not figure it out and don’t care anyway so did not try… a couple weeks ago i saw something on TV to go to twitter and wanted to and had no clue and because i have never used it i could not get in. it would be nice if some would do a tutorial on the basics.


  3. I was on twitter for a bit and still have an account.. bored me to tears.
    I like Instagram better.. a picture and a few words! But I haven’t been doing any social media stuff at all lately. Just commenting at the blogs I enjoy following.. πŸ™‚


  4. I also am on Twitter. I use it to announce my daily posts or to promote a friend’s post every once in awhile, but for the large part it isn’t my main social platform. There must be something to it,though because there are a lot of folks who use it usefully. Best of luck to you! πŸ˜‰


  5. I am not a real fan of Twitter or Facebook, to be honest, even though I do use Facebook (not Twitter, though). However, I use it to encourage others, just like I try to do on my blog. I prefer blogging.

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