More Macros

We left Friday for Peyton’s birthday party on Saturday. She loves art, so she and several friends painted small canvases, then donned white T-shirts and chased each other around the yard with colorful fabric spray paints. Then it was off to Cici’s Pizza for dinner. Their day ended with a slumber party, and we headed home. 

 Sunday afternoon I strolled through the botanical garden. I could live there. Not much going on in my garden now, and its a slow month for birds while they avail themselves of Nature’s harvest. What did you do this weekend? 

Clicking any image will bring up a slide show, scrolling over displays captions.
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30 thoughts on “More Macros

  1. So nice to see flowers.. I think our flowers are done for the year. CH and I took a walk around the Tiny Ten yesterday and saw lots of Goldenrod.. I love it in the field where we walk. We watched a couple of good movies and I read and CH played puter solitaire. It was an exciting weekend.. 😀


    • My garden is pretty sparse right now, Pix. I’m tempted to cut everything back, but then the Black Swallowtail comes around and appears to lay eggs on the fennel. The Goldfinches like what’s left of the Coneflowers. Guess I’ll wait a bit longer. That sounds like a nice weekend. Sometimes that’s all the excitement we need!


  2. glad you put the names on them, i like that turtle head flower and the pine cone is as pretty as the flowers… that bee is going numm numm numm


  3. Lovely fall perennials in your garden! This Weekend I was enjoying beautiful, warm weather in my garden. Hubby painted railings.Sunday we went to an art exhibition one hour away.


    • Thanks, Villrose. Sadly, this isn’t my garden, it’s the botanical garden in Norfolk. I wish mine looked so good! It sounds like you had a nice weekend. It must be the season for art exhibits and sales. There are a couple coming up here within the next month.


    • Thanks for stopping by to see them, Happyone. Cici’s has a buffet with salad, pasta, several kinds of pizza, and dessert, too. And a good price. You can request your favorite pizza and they’ll make it. The Barbecue pizza is a big hit in our area. It disappears shortly after it comes out of the oven. Sometimes they have Taco pizza, which I didn’t know if I’d like, but it’s good. The kids like Macaroni & Cheese pizza. Lots of choices!


  4. I love the bee on the sunflower (I prefer to see bees at a distance!) It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. My husband was out of town for a wedding (as a guest, not the groom 🙂 ) so the kids kept me running- and biking… we did about six miles on Saturday.


    • This bee was a ham–he came over just to get his photo taken. I guess you can say he photo-bombed. Glad to hear your husband didn’t marry again. Six miles–good for you, Janna!


  5. How funny, I was in a beautiful Botanic Gardens just last week! Mind, I didn’t take such beautiful pictures, but I did enjoy a cup of tea and fruit scone in their glorious surroundings. Your pictures are beautiful Patti.


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