Good Fences #25

I photographed what I thought was a good fence near the botanical garden, but it turned out to be a dock. 


I looked through the photos and found somewhat of a good fence edging a bridge.


I need to be on the lookout for good fences when we go to celebrate Peyton’s 14th birthday.


I should have more photos of her to choose from–whenever she’s in the vicinity of my iPhone, a multitude of selfies appear. Love you, Peyton.

good fences

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16 thoughts on “Good Fences #25

  1. A nice lighthearted post, thanks. And happy birthday to the birthday girl. My grandsons pull faces like that when I try to get a photo, haha.



  2. I will try this again…I was trying to post a comment earlier and it did not take I see. (It has to do with me having an old wordpress blog and blogger blogs…just a mess) Anyway, love her face….looks like someone fun to be with. And your ‘fence’ probably keeps a few people from falling in!

    If you ever need to email me, use the email on my blogs as I seldom check into the email address used in this link. Again, to do with have both type of logs.


    • Oops typo alert:
      Your Granddaughter made me smile. Thanks for sharing her selfie. 🙂

      This is the very reason WordPress should allow us a few minutes to correct our comments after we post them.


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