Friday Fictioneers–12 September 2014

I’ve been absent from Friday Fictioneers–for too long! Janet Webb’s photo (below) prompted me to write the following story.

Copyright–Janet Webb

I awoke, once again, in the wee hours and trudged to the bathroom. This time, there was no snoring, no raspy breaths. The darkness outside my window reflected my feelings. Salty streams flowed freely as sobs wracked my body. I lifted the soft chenille from the robe hook, buried my face to dry the tears, then wrapped it around my shoulders, trying to feel the warmth of the arms that once encircled and drew me near. I slipped to the other side of the bed, felt for a pulse, and dialed 911. Then I knelt by the bedside and waited.

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Wednesday Around the World

Another new meme for me this week, Wednesday Around the World.

A male Northern Cardinal graced the back fence this morning. They are usually quite busy, and one must be on their toes to capture them in a photograph. This one seemed to be content to observe his surroundings, staying long enough for me to finally try out the Color Effects feature on my camera. He’s molting, so his feathers have a shabby chic look to them. You’re still handsome, buddy.