Rainy Day Monday

I had the bright idea to get up this morning and shoot macros around the yard for the Macro memes. I also had the bright idea to go to the rec center…until the NOAA Weather Radio blared a Flood Warning message. 


If I wait a little longer, I can swim in the backyard.


I couldn’t find a “flood” setting on my camera.

The last time I went out during such a downpour, our street flooded and I couldn’t get home. That was frustrating, because I had so many things I wanted to do around the house. 


The rain didn't keep by buddies from stopping by for lunch.

The rain didn’t keep my buddies from stopping by for lunch.


I hope you’re safe and dry.

Safety reminder: Don’t drive through deep water–it’s not good for your car, and sometimes, the road has washed out. Don’t take a chance. 





31 thoughts on “Rainy Day Monday

    • Thanks, Georgette. Low-lying areas flooded, the photos I saw were mostly roads with cars stalled in the water, or a parking lot where the water nearly covered the tires. Haven’t seen anything regarding homes.


  1. Everything has the refreshed look as after a bath. Is that a female cardinal?

    Our weather has been wet, as well. Monsoon storms started last night and kept going all night and into the late morning hours. The expressways and many other roads were closed because of flooding.


    • Carol Ann, it’s a drenched male, and he’s molting, so some feathers are missing. Someone mentioned flooding in your state on another blog today, is that in your area?


      • Apparently it was our general area, but it did not affect Steve and me because we did not leave home until later, and we live in a high area. Many roads had been closed. I was told today that areas nearer Phoenix had been hit hardest. Not sure if that is correct.

        Wow, poor male cardinal. He needed a raincoat.

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  2. Very helpful advice about not driving through water. Truly one never knows if it’s safe or not.
    Your squirrel is so cute. Your Cardinal is a handsome fellow. I’m glad they came out and let you take some photos to share. 🙂


    • I’m amazed at how many attempt to drive through the water, E.C. It’s usually followed by big repair bills or totaling the car. Fortunately, we don’t usually see the flash flooding that sweeps away everything in its path.
      Haven’t seen any birdies in the birdbath lately!

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  3. I like your photos! We got rain today, too. In Phoenix, they had a record rainfall and lots of flooding – couldn’t believe it when I saw it on the news. We got just enough rain, though 🙂


    • Thank you, Leovi. Our oak tree is producing acorns, so we have lots of squirrel activity. Next year we’ll have lots of little oaks popping up all over the yard where they bury them.


  4. We are getting our share of rain too. It was pouring the other day and the deer were still out eating the acorns. Don’t drive through what looks like shallow water either. It may be deeper than you think.


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