Rainy Day Monday

I had the bright idea to get up this morning and shoot macros around the yard for the Macro memes. I also had the bright idea to go to the rec center…until the NOAA Weather Radio blared a Flood Warning message. 

If I wait a little longer, I can swim in the backyard.
I couldn’t find a “flood” setting on my camera.

The last time I went out during such a downpour, our street flooded and I couldn’t get home. That was frustrating, because I had so many things I wanted to do around the house. 


The rain didn't keep by buddies from stopping by for lunch.
The rain didn’t keep my buddies from stopping by for lunch.


I hope you’re safe and dry.

Safety reminder: Don’t drive through deep water–it’s not good for your car, and sometimes, the road has washed out. Don’t take a chance.