Good Fences #21

The family was in town this past weekend, and we all went to Kids Cove at Mt. Trashmore. You may remember me sharing the birds and sunset previously, here and here. It started out as a landfill, and ended up being a city park. They have a large playground with all kinds of fun activities. Oh, and they have a great fence, too!

Mt. Trashmore

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33 thoughts on “Good Fences #21

    1. You’d think they could have come up with something a little more creative for a name, but this way it’s history is preserved. I like the lake, and walking path that goes around the entire park, Theresa.


  1. Mount Trashmore? For real? Landfills can be dreadful, not to mention environmentally hazardous, especially to ground water. It is nice to know that Mt. Trashmore was turned into something beautiful 🙂 It does have a nice fence.


  2. Mount Trashmore is a star on Virginia Beach’s book. It is a very nice park and a lot of people enjoy it almost everyday. Patti, you captured a very pretty part of the park.


    1. It sure is an asset to the city, Shirley. Some days, it’s hard to find a place to park–and there are a lot of spaces. I’ve not spent much time at Kids Cove, usually visit the lake or walking path.


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