Skywatch Friday–July 31, 2014 edition


The sky was overcast, occasionally drizzled on us, and wasn’t much to look at; it didn’t stop my friend, Merle, and me from taking a stroll through the botanical garden. I left my camera in its case to keep it dry and captured today’s photo with my iPhone 4s.

Thanks to Yogi, Sylvia and Sandy for hosting Skywatch Friday.

I apologize for not getting to visit many of your blogs this past week.


22 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday–July 31, 2014 edition

  1. Even on a dreary day, it still looks like a pretty place.. Glad the rain did not keep you from your visit.. Have a happy weekend!
    Thank you for sharing your post with my critter party.. Have a happy weekend!


  2. There’s nothing like snapping stellar shots with your iPhone. I’m amazed by today’s smartphones capability to capture camera quality pictures. Thanks for visiting me on SWF. It was nice meeting another Mountaineer! I’m now following you!


  3. There is a deep green color to the grass where you live. I miss that depth of color. Here the grass is a lighter shade. I still love to see it. Grass does not grow and thrive easily here. It takes a lot of care, says my husband. Blessings to you, Patti…


  4. Your picture is beautiful, Pat. We are so lucky to have the Botanical Gardens in our area. They are lovely even in clouds or rain.


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