Good Fences

Here are a couple more shots from our local botanical garden. I’m not sure if this  qualifies as a fence, but I thought it made a nice background. It keeps the butterflies inside the “butterfly house” exhibit. P1090074

And in this shot, I was so focused on the cattails I totally overlooked the fence in front of them. Please don’t take away my Good Fences license, I promise to get out and take better fence photos next week.P1090068

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36 thoughts on “Good Fences

  1. I would have missed those fences, also, had you not called them to my attention. Really, what better fence is there than one that allows the view of nature to show up better than the fence? Blessings to you, Patti…


  2. keep your license, these are perfect. and i consider the butterfly fence a fence and it is beautiful.. the osprey have a nest right up over where he flies, with babies twice a year.. the hawks are the ones who hate his planes. we think they think it is a bird. they are electric and hum..


  3. Ha Ha! I don’t think Tex is going to get you! I promise to get out and get more fences too, I hadn’t posted in forever and Tex just welcomed me back.. 😀 Love the butterfly fence and the post and fence that keeps the cattails from getting out!!!!


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