Wild Bird Wednesday #105–Cooper’s Hawk

One of our juvenile Grackles lay lifeless under a shrub. We’ve had a cat visiting occasionally, and haven’t seen any hawks, until…

…this one showed up today.

I caught a glimpse of a large bird floating across the yard from the oak to the fence and grabbed the camera. I snapped the first two shots through the screen door (sorry for the photo quality). The Cooper’s Hawk lifted its massive wings, flapped a couple of times, and alighted in the oak.

Clicking on a photo will bring up the slide show for a closer look.
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42 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #105–Cooper’s Hawk

  1. What a beautiful hawk! Glad he/she came back to visit. I have never heard of a Cooper’s Hawker, but my husband has.


  2. What a surprise I am sure you had when the Hawk landed in your garden but thank goodness you had the presence of mind to grab your camera adn get these great shots.


  3. Beautiful hawk photos. We have lots of hawks and turkey vultures around here, that I wouldn’t want a kitten or puppy wandering the backyard. Sorry about the dead bird. Wouldn’t a hawk or cat have eaten the grackle? I am always sad when I come across a dead bird, especially one who managed to get tangled in a fence.


    • Thanks! My hubby found one with the head missing in the same spot not too long ago, and the cat lurks under that shrub. If a hawk had it, it probably would have carried it off. The cat that visits doesn’t appear to be feral, so it’s sport. I never thought of a bird getting tangled in a fence. I wouldn’t want to find that, either.


  4. I suppose any hawk passing overhead would be foolish not to drop in for dinner at your place. How blessed your little wildlife refuge is to be mostly free of predators. It makes me think of Psalm 91. Blessings to you, Patti…


    • That’s true, Chris. We try to shoo them off if we see them. It’s usually not much of a problem with city laws, but every once in awhile someone’s cat will get out–this one seems to on a regular basis.


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