30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge–Between

  1. Great photos for this photo challenge! The pigeons in between the parking lot lines made me chuckle. I’ll have to show that one to my brother-in-law who is a ‘pigeon fancier’ (someone who raises homing pigeons and races them).


    1. I didn’t know there are still people who do that. My dad raised pigeons. We have a flock that visits our backyard regularly. The lighting wasn’t good in this photo, and I loaded it before trying to edit. These are actually sea gulls.


    1. Aren’t they silly, Pix? I snapped the picture, but didn’t notice at the time they were separated into boxes. It’s interesting to see what I missed at first glance. These challenges make us look at our pictures through different eyes.


      1. Looking forward to enjoying your blog like I do Dianna’s She and I were elementary school mates in Surry, VA. Thank you for letting me enjoy yours now.


          1. My husband (Chuck) and I live in Virginia Beach, VA. We have been here for about 30 years now. It’s about a hour and half from Surry. I went to high school in Smithfield, VA. My father’s family is from Surry and my mother’s family is from Smithfield.


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