Friday Fictioneers 6 June 014

I’ve missed writing 100-word stories with Friday Fictioneers, so this week, I’m doing something about it.  My story follows the photo prompt.

Copyright–Douglas M. MacIlroy

Light the Fire Again

Another long night. She waited—waited for his return; a lame excuse; the scent of perfume. Her heart had broken a thousand times, scar tissue all that was left.

She lit the candles on the side table, her gaze caught by the flickering flame. How did love, as warm and bright as this light, die? She watched as the puddle of wax formed, then snuffed the flame and watched it solidify. She wondered if a rekindled flame could melt her hardened heart.

His key unlocked the door, and there he stood, an armful of flowers. Their eyes met, tears fell.  

Everyone is welcome to participate, instructions can be found here.

Thank you, Rochelle, for hosting Friday Fictioneers.




40 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 6 June 014

  1. Dear Pattisj,

    The wax is melting. A heartwarming ending to follow a cold beginning. Well done. You make me pull for them, which is exactly what a good story does.




  2. I agree with the others- no amount of flowers can cover for the damage he’s caused. It breaks my heart, as a few of my friends have experienced similar trauma. However, your poetic similes with the candle brought beauty to the pain. Very well done.


  3. I find the comments interesting. The men pull for him, and most of the women don’t trust his motives. Your story evokes emotion, a sign of great writing.


  4. Patti, Good and well-written story. That’s a beginning, but I’d make him go for counselling to show he means it this time. And no more smell of perfume on him when he comes home. 😦 Well done. 🙂 —Susan


  5. Good writing. You have us in suspense right through the last line. We are still asking ourselves: are the tears falling because all is turning around as it should, or are they falling because they’re still going to be living the same lie, and she feels there’s no way out? Maybe you could get a sequel out of this and let us know for sure.


    1. LOL So many in this situation feel so helpless, that there’s no way out. Or they think they deserve such treatment. She needs you for a neighbor, Pix. 🙂


  6. Dear Patti, Love your story! And, he brings her flowers, I hope he is a changed guy and doesn’t keep falling backwards into his old ways. Very good story! Thanks! Nan 😉


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