Thankful Thursday & Good Fences #9

Thankful Thursday     

Today, I am thankful for hubby’s “Fix It” skills. The dryer belt promptly broke the day he left town last week. Last night, repairs were finished and today the mountain of laundry will slowly become a molehill.

Good Fences #9


Another “on-the-go” shot

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good fences

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37 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday & Good Fences #9

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  2. Great motion here, that’s about the way I feel my life has been going this month. Great that your hubby repaired the dryer. Mine tried to repair our vacuum belt but in the end decided to buy a new vacuum instead. Smart move.


  3. So glad to hear it’s fixed. Not happy to hear you have tons of laundry to do. Every time I think I’m caught up, there’s more to do.


  4. My husband is handy too — that makes life so much easier! Another thankful wife here. 🙂 I’m enjoying your cheerful posts, and have added your blog to a list of positive sites I keep on my own blog.


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