Wild Bird Wednesday–Laughing Gulls

We visited Chincoteague Island last month. Everywhere we went, from the marshy area along the road to McDonald’s restaurant, there were black-hooded gulls. It sounded like they were laughing at us, and soon, we were laughing right along with them. If you’d like to know more about these shore-hugging birds, click this link.

Clicking any photo will bring up a slide show. They appeared to be enjoying themselves in this puddle.

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9 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–Laughing Gulls

  1. Nice bird – there used to be one of these lived in the middle of Newcastle-upon-tyne in the UK – only time I know I has seen one!

    cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


  2. Cute pics. We had an injured laughing gull in our backyard last year. Fortunately we found it before the dogs and rescued it. We called the bird rescue and she came and picked it up. Told us if it rehabilitated well she would bring it back to our backyard to let it loose. Since we haven’t heard from her we guessed it didn’t heal completely so it’s permanent home is now with her.


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