Good Fences #8 and Randomness

Happy Friday!

I feel ‘out of the loop’ and so behind on blogging. Last week I was away four days, and am returning to my daughter’s later this month. Today seems a good day to sit and chat with you. 

1. First up: Here’s my Good Fence for this week.

This was shot in “drive by” mode with my cell phone. The road wasn’t very busy, traffic-wise, so I could slow down. I turned around a couple of times, trying to get a good vantage point– and traffic to cooperate–as there was nowhere to pull off. Happily, the fence went on for a LONG way and with cropping and leveling, I can share it with you. Composition is somewhat lacking, but it’s all about the fence!

Linking to TexWisGirl at The Run*A*Round Ranch, Good Fences #8 


2. I packed work-out wear for my trip to Suzanne’s, but never took it out of the suitcase. It’s a struggle getting back to my routine.

3. Hubby is off this weekend to visit his dad and take care of some business there.  I missed our Panera Bread lunch last week, so Monday, I went to Eddie Bauer (30%-off day) then met Hubby for lunch. Tuesday was trigger point therapy, a meeting at church that evening–followed by grocery shopping. (9:00 p.m.–I practically had the store to myself–I kept wondering if they were really open!) Wednesday, I met a friend for lunch, ran errands, and did laundry. Thursday morning, more errands for Hubby while he packed, we had brunch, and off he went.

4. Piled next to my chair, there WAS a stack of papers from my large writer’s group notebook, new binders to file them in, books to be read, magazines with dog-eared pages to read “when I had more time…” It is no longer a stack, they are now spread out in three rows in the middle of the living room floor. I worked on it until 5:00 a.m. Caffeine is a wonderful thing!

5. All photos are transferred to my new computer, and last evening I spent several hours going through four years of email saved for “future reference.” Apparently, it’s The Future.  Some were forwarded to my new email account, some printed, many deleted. The later it got, the more deletions.

That’s probably enough Randomness for today. I’ve missed you SO MUCH! I’m trying to visit your blogs, but I’d appreciate if you’d share what you’ve been up to (and what I’m missing out on) in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.