Wild Bird Wednesday–Thrasher Baby Pictures!

A warm day, the sun is bright
I peer through the window and with much delight:




I apologize for low quality of pictures. The Brown Thrashers were on the back side of the yard and I had to crop.

The little one attempted to sit on top, too, but disappeared into the bush, then the parent followed.

More wild birds can be found at the link below. Come see and/or share your wild bird photos.

Thanks for hosting this great meme, Stewart.

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14 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–Thrasher Baby Pictures!

    • Brrrr! Hubby went to WV. When I told him low 40s overnight, he decided to take long sleeves and pants. It’s cooler here today, mid-60s and breezy. Got lots of rain last night.


  1. I think your photos are really good. The other day we were talking about not seeing a baby thrasher so far this year as I was trying to take a picture of a thrasher in our yard. It was almost dark and the flash scared it. I got one but it’s not very clear. I think you did a dandy of a job on taking the photos of them. 🙂


    • They are pretty, Dianna. I’ve seen a parent sitting on the fence in different areas around the yard, and it shooed a robin away the other night, but I didn’t realize it had a young one on the ground.


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