Share Your World–2014 Week 19

I’d better stop faking awake and get to bed! Every so often when I blink, my eyes want to stay closed. I hope Cee has easy questions this week. Let’s see what Share Your World holds for us… 

Do you prefer shopping or going to a park?

I enjoy shopping, but will never turn down an outing to a park.

What is the highest score you’ve ever made in bowling?  Actual or virtually played.

That was so long ago, and I only went once. I have no idea. If extra points were given for gutter balls, I’m sure I would have won handily.

Name the foreign countries you’ve been to.

I have not been to a foreign country–unless Disney’s Epcot Center or Busch Gardens counts. 

Describe your own outlook on life in seven words or less.

Life is too short to be unforgiving.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m thankful I got to spend Wednesday-Saturday with my daughter and her family; I look forward to uninterrupted writing time later this week. 

That’s it for Share Your World this week. Be sure to stop by Cee’s blog  and see what others have written. As always, you are invited to create a post and link it to Cee’s Share Your World blog, or leave your answers in the comments below.