Wild Bird Wednesday 92–Mourning Dove

Today I’m featuring the Mourning Dove for Wild Bird Wednesday.


This is my first post with my new laptop–
Went from a PC to a Mac
And I’m not going back.

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28 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 92–Mourning Dove

    • I’d send you a couple if I had any to spare, Trisha. πŸ˜‰ We used to have nearly two dozen visit, but there aren’t that many now. Maybe they are already on their way to your house.


    • You’re right about not being the sharpest tool in the shed, they’re peaceful, not skittish like so many other birds, Pix. Thanks! iCloud is a great feature. Since I already have an iPad, all my bookmarks, etc. transferred when I turned it on. Oh happy day! Still have to manually send songs burned from CDs from the PC, and photos are taking a while to go through and load. In my “spare” time, I’m learning what I can as I go along. It was 36 here this morning, so I pulled on baggy sweats and sweater–hubby accused me (jokingly) of still being in my pjs when he got home from work!


    • Thanks, Georgette. I went from a 17″ to a 13″ laptop. My right hand keeps getting on the wrong keys on the keyboard! I’m sure I’ll adjust to that soon. I really like how unencumbered it is by anti-virus software (which seems to always be running on the PC). I am quite pleased with it.


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