Wild Bird Wednesday–Orchard Oriole?

Help! Can any Wild Bird Wednesday feathered-friend watchers identify this bird? It appears to be an Orchard Oriole, but having never seen one, I seek confirmation (or correction). 

Sunday we visited a wildlife refuge on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. This bird didn’t like me following it around with the camera, so I didn’t get very good shots. The black head covering, deep rusty-colored breast and rump, sharp beak and thin wing stripe led me to this conclusion.

This was the best view of the beak, it seems too pointy to be a Grosbeak.
This was the best shot of the wing bar.

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Thanks for your help, and to Stewart for hosting the great meme.




Share Your World–2014 Week 17


Cee posted questions for us again this week. Can it really be the end of April? Ok, that was my question. Here are Cee’s:

What are some words that just make you smile?
Anything my grandkids text me. Sometimes, it’s not even words, but merely a jumble of letters when Miss Z has access to someone’s phone or iPod.

When you lose electricity in a storm, do you light the candles or turn on the flashlight? How many of each do you own?
I light candles, hubby gets a flashlight or lantern. He is a collector of those, so there’s quite an assortment. I don’t have as many candles around as I used to (for decoration), but l like
Yankee Candles

What is the longest book you ever read?
The Bible. Second-longest would be Gone With the Wind.

So you win a pet monkey at a fair, but this isn’t just any old monkey. It can do one trick for you whenever you want from getting a pop out of the fridge to washing your hair. What would be the trick?
Running the vacuum cleaner for me would be the greatest trick of all.

Answer to Bonus Question–What I’m grateful for from last week, and what I’m looking forward to this week:
I’m grateful to have one of the garden beds weeded, another good massage therapist, a road trip Sunday. This week, I look forward to having rainy days to get some work done inside the house. 

Now it’s your turn! I’d love to read your answers, create a post and link to Cee’s Blog, or leave your answers in the comments below. Thanks for reading!


Random on Monday

Hi! I’ve wanted to write a chatty post to update the happenings around here, and decided to use this format. Random 5 Friday has been discontinued, so I’m going to be Random on Monday this week.

1. I apologize for not visiting your blogs as much as I’d like in the past week or so. I’m still transferring files from the PC to the Mac, and moving hubby’s from his tiny netbook to the larger laptop PC. Then I’ve had to figure out where those files went sometimes!

2. We’ve been getting a lot of rain, the weeds are growing like, well, weeds! Those of you in the states ravaged by the recent spate of tornadoes and such have been on my heart and in my prayers. I hope you are all well.

3. I was in high gear last week, getting things in order at home to spend this week at my daughter’s. Then she called, things weren’t going according to plan there, so the trip was postponed.

4. Saturday was filled with yard work and housework; Sunday we took a much needed day of rest and ran away from home. We drove across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to the Eastern Shore of Virginia, took a short walk at a wildlife refuge to stretch our legs, then continued north to Chincoteague Island.

5. I met my new massage therapist today. She did a great job working on my knotty muscles, guess I won’t have to go to Japan, after all. (The last therapist’s husband was transferred there–and she went, too!)