Random 5 Friday


Random 5 Friday! That means the weekend is upon us. Rain in the forecast. Maybe, rain IS the forecast is a better way to put it.

1. Now that the family is well, we can celebrate our daughter’s birthday while it is yet March.

2. I ordered gifts from her Amazon wish list–they have yet to arrive! I’m hoping the USPS carrier brings them today, three days overdue from latest expected date.

3. I’m glad the Strathmore free online classes are available until the end of the year, I’m a week behind.

4. Had a record number of squirrels visiting at one time–SEVEN. This morning I saw one perched atop a shrub near the feeder, in perfect Pointer stance, sizing up the distance. Little stinker.

5. In July, 2011, I shared a post about one of our city’s landmarks, The Cavalier Hotel. It opened in 1927 and was the “in” place to stay at Virginia Beach, frequently hosting U.S. Presidents and celebrities. It was sold not too long ago. It was reported, of 100 developers who expressed an interest in the hotel and property, none had plans other than to demolish it. Today, local news station, WTKR, reports the Cavalier Hotel has been added to the Virginia Landmarks Register. Extensive renovations are in the plans.

Clicking the blue links will open a new page if you are interested in knowing more about The Cavalier on the Hill.

Thanks for joining me for Random 5 Friday, and thanks to Nancy at A Rural Journal for hosting.


13 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

  1. Rain and slush is in our forecast. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the weatherman will be wrong once again and the bad stuff won’t happen.
    Love the squirrels. 7 is alot. If they’re visiting to find a mate, By the end of summer you may have twice that many. They are cute though.
    I enjoyed your r5f. Hope you have a great weekend.


  2. I hope your package comes in soon. Amazon is usually good about on-time delivery, but I had one last week where part of it was delayed. So embarrassing when the UPS guy has to visit two days in a row 🙂


  3. It’s awesome that the Cavalier Hotel is slated for renovation and that it was added to the Virginia Landmarks Register. Too many wonderful old buildings get demolished.


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