Wild Bird Wednesday–Seeing Double

Seeing double on Wild Bird Wednesday, or double trouble–I think the Northern Cardinal on the left is about to be escorted from the premises. Spring is in the air and territorial squabbles are becoming a regular occurrence.

Seeing Double Northern Cardinals

Seeing Double
Northern Cardinals

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32 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–Seeing Double

  1. Magnificent! The bright colors of the cardinals never ceases to bring a smile to my face. Great photo.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week!


    • They are even more brilliant as we move into spring, E.C. But you probably know that. πŸ™‚ You have a great week, too. I’ll be around to visit soon, got behind again this week.


  2. Thanks for the visits to our blog. So nice to “meet” a fellow blogger who also lives in the same state! It was fun meeting Diana and one day perhaps we will also meet. We don’t have an option to subscribe to our blog by email, unsure how to do that. Also, we don’t use Facevook or other social media, just blog. And, our “real” names are Dorothy & Pat.
    Also seeing lots of cardinals, male and female, in our yard now. Breeding season brings out such vibrant colors in rhe males, I agree.


  3. How right you are. The ducks in the back can’t even be bothered to eat the seed I throw out….too busy squabbling with each other over who’s sleeping with who tonight.


  4. how cool is that! I’ve only seen one cardinal (in reality) when I lived on the Prairies, many years ago. The little bird had lost it’s course it seemed and showed up there in the winter, it was amazing. There are NO cardinals on the Prairies in Canada, let alone in the winter. I hope he/she made it back to a much warmer place. your post brought this lovely memory to mind.

    Happy Weekend Patti!


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