Friday Fictioneers–21 March 2014

Here is the photo prompt courtesy of our Friday Fictioneer hostess, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My 100-word story follows.

Copyright--Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright–Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Life Allows U-turns

Sally couldn’t wait until graduation. She studied long hours to earn a college scholarship, her ticket off the pig farm. She anxiously awaited the adventures of the city. The day finally arrived! Mama and Daddy drove her to the train station, and tearfully saw her on her way to live her dream.

At the end of her senior year, the man she loved said they needed to see other people. The cold, hard city closed in on her aching heart like a metal cage. She longed for green grass and the babbling brook that held her deepest secrets. Hello, Mama…?

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19 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers–21 March 2014

  1. Great story right out of the real world and true human experiences.
    Your stories draw me in and capture my attention. I think you should write a book.


  2. Great story – and so true to life. The exact same situation happens at every University every year. I love the last sentence. That’s where she should go – home to lick her wounds and clear her thoughts. Good writing – no Excellent writing! Nan


  3. I like your use of the “metal cage” and this is a story that probably happens more often than we know. Hopefully after some healing, she’ll be ready to foray out into the world again. Or maybe she’ll find that home looks better this time around.



  4. Good and well-written story. I hope she either in time marries the nice neighboring farmer or boy from the nearby village and uses her degree there somehow, or tries city life again with her new degree and a wiser outlook on life. It would be a shame to waste that degree she worked so hard for.


  5. ” ..closed in on her aching heart like a metal cage.”Wow!I loved where you took this one-life is a matter of perspective and one never knows what is precious till it is taken away from us!Excellent story!


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