The Blue Jay is my blue bird of happiness. Catching a glimpse of them always brings a smile. And look! Are those leaf buds on our oak tree? Now I’m REALLY happy.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Yes, yes, I’m getting the peanuts, just as soon as I snap this picture.
Happy Tuesday! Only two more shopping days until spring!



45 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. I love blue jays too, Patti…and I really love that spring is finally, FINALLY here. I think this has been the longest winter ever…I’ll be glad to put it behind us…


    • Does this mean you’re getting some spring-like weather, Patti? We’ve had rain for two days, but that’s what spring is all about, right? April showers bring May flowers. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!


  2. The Blue Jay is a beautiful bird and quite the character! Looks like our first day of Spring is going to be very Spring-like. 70 degrees and partly sunny! I didn’t see any hint of the snow word.. 🙂 Good Morning Patti!


  3. What a great picture! I heard a bird singing this morning and was so anxious for Spring. I know it’s just 2 days away, but the warmer weather is what I really look forward to!


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