Wild Bird Wednesday 87–Ring-Billed Gull

The Ring-billed Gulls struggled to find food during the recent snow days, especially when fast-food restaurants were closed and people weren’t tossing them French fries. I made a crumbly peanut butter and cornmeal-based mixture and sprinkled it on the snow.

Ring-billed Gull juvenile
Possibly a second-year still showing speckling on its head
A few family members and friends

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28 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 87–Ring-Billed Gull

    1. They really do look odd surrounded by snow, Eileen. Thanks! Hope you are having a great weekend. It was in the 70s here today (Saturday). Not looking so good for tomorrow. Maybe we’ll actually get something done then, we ran around to garden centers, etc., all day.


  1. What a wonderful gift you give the birds. I know they welcome the food during the harsh times. Your photos are lovely, but there’s a sadness about them of the gulls having to be in the snow.


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