Friday Fictioneers–14 March 2014

Thanks to Rochelle, our host, and Adam, who provided the photo for this week’s rendition of Friday Fictioneers. My 100-word story follows the photo prompt.

copyright--Adam Ickes

copyright–Adam Ickes

Golden Years

They amble down the boardwalk, hand in hand, albeit a slower pace than fifty years ago. Eyesight dimmer, the gleam still remains; sometimes he can’t remember her name, but he always remembers her love for him and the children. A bench waits at the end, and so they sit and rest for the return trip. It was a day just like today, a warm breeze brushing against the skin. No words are needed this time, for their hearts carry on the promise of a lifetime. The sun slips low in the sky, shedding its warm light on their golden years.

Thanks for taking the time to read. There are many more stories to be found at Friday Fictioneers for your enjoyment. Or just maybe, you could add yours.


32 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers–14 March 2014

  1. It’s a lovely story, although if he can’t always remember her name, I worry about memory loss or Alzheimer’s. I like how you show their love and the bit about them resting before heading back.



  2. A lovely touching story Patti. A love that endures is one we would all surely want; so sad that the shadow of Alzheimer’s is passing over their life together. Such a cruel illness, that will take away everything they treasure now.


  3. This is excellent-a hearty warming story of love-a love that most of us dream of-a lifetime of promises kept and memories created to be cherished!Beautiful 🙂


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