I tried to create a post for Wild Bird Wednesday (on Thursday) but the computer froze while loading the images.     

     It’s been a very full day, quality time with the treadmill this morning, then met hubby for lunch. I had some business to take care of inside the bank–with a real person. Then I picked up a prescription, came home and cooked dinner. Then we were off to get groceries.

     It’s almost midnight, and I’m going to call it a day. I should get by to visit your blogs tomorrow. Really missed everyone today.





13 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Panera for lunch with the hubby???? I wish we had one close. Sorry about the computer freezing—doesn’t that just drive you bonkers??? Hope today is a good one for you!


    • Surprise, Beth Ann! No Panera Thursday! Hubby has to work Saturday, and already scheduled a lunch date for us–Panera it will be! Yes, and the trip to Bonkers is not very long…Wind and rain from our nor’easter today, getting lots of laundry done. Hope your day is going well; have a great weekend!


  2. I hate it when the computer freezes. That’s usually when MM hears me call his name very loudly and very long. He knows all too well my “I can’t get my computer to work” voice. He’s good at fixing computer problems.


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