Friday Fictioneers–7 March 2014

Copyright–Danny Bowman

This is the photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers. Here’s my 100-word story:

The Promised Land

Watching the cattle graze, Losingo’s mind raced with news of the impending move. The Masai were promised this land forever. Would his family be forced out? He’d heard stories of land taken, given to others. Inhabitants were moved to another promised land, one that could not sustain them. Their animals and children soon died. Would this be the demise of his loved ones? What choice did they have? They could stay here, surrender their animals, and sell beads and dance for tourists. Maybe they could earn enough to move to America. Surely its government wouldn’t force families onto reservations.

Looking at the photo, Woody Guthrie’s song kept playing in my head.
This Land is Your Land. (click for lyrics)
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