Wild Bird Wednesday–Pine Warbler

Welcome to Wild Bird Wednesday. Today I’m featuring a Pine Warbler.

Pine Warbler

The Pine Warblers are a little more timid  than our Yellow-Rumped Warblers. This one appeared to have the backyard all to itself, and swayed gently as the breeze rocked the suet feeder upon which it was perched.

Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday where Stewart features a Rainbow Lorikeet this week.

30 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–Pine Warbler

  1. Hi Patti, that’s a beautiful little bird, isn’t it? Did he come visit you? I think I might draw a warbler next. Maybe with his mouth wide open in song. Are they singing this time of year? Our chickadees have been singing for about a month now. I love the rosy house finch’s song too. But all my Vancouver birds pale in comparison to the British bird songs. Some springs they start at 5am and that’s it, there’s no sleeping thru it. But I don’t mind. 🙂


    1. I haven’t heard it sing, Veronica, it’s been too cold to have the windows open. The chickadees are singing. Today it was nice enough to work outside, so I’m not sure if they were singing or telling us to go back inside. When the Mockingbird starts singing, he doesn’t stop for months. And he sings in the wee hours of the morning, too. I love it.


    1. We don’t see very many of them, but occasionally will catch sight of one, Eileen. It’s not like them to sit still for very long, so getting a picture was a joy.


  2. Cute little round fluff of feathers! You get some great birds at your feeders Patti. Our feeders are down in the woods to cut down on window strikes and hawks having a birdie buffet. I liked it much better when they were closer to the house and we could see them better. But I like that they aren’t hitting the windows!


    1. It was a cold day, Pix, so it was all puffed up. Love that look! The pigeons fly into the window every time hubby cleans it. Not so much the other birds, they tend to head for trees away from the house. The pigeons head for the utility wires along the street, which brings them toward the house. I’d miss the birds terribly if I couldn’t see them out the window.


    1. They’re the same size as the yellow-rumped, Theresa. This one is all puffed up in the cold. Warblers are such busy birds, always fun to watch, usually defending the territory.


  3. I’ve saw them before, but I never knew what they were though. I thought they were a dirty or immature gold finch lol
    Your photo is lovely. He’s a peach for sure. 🙂


  4. What a beautiful little bird. I sit on our patio to watch the birds. Sometimes there are many and other times not. We don’t feed them. I’m sure that makes a difference. Blessings…


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