There Goes the Water/Tried a New Recipe

We had a most lovely day. The temperature got into the 60s, I went out to play and never came back. OK, I did have to bring the groceries home and put them away.

The European Starlings thoroughly enjoyed the birdbath. I was tempted to join them.

Last evening was writers group; today I had lunch with my friend, Ev, who leads our group.

The little Painted Bunting female is still a regular
visitor. This is her favorite feeder.

I made something new for dinner. The recipe came from Bob’s Red Mill blog. It was recommended as a savory breakfast in the post, but garlic, kale, fire-roasted tomatoes and Parmesan sounded more like dinner to me. It didn’t take long to make, and we both liked it. I shopped three places before finding the brown rice farina for the base, so you may want to keep that in mind.

Have a lovely Thursday!


23 thoughts on “There Goes the Water/Tried a New Recipe

  1. Happiness is watching your birds having fun. What a wonderful shot that is with the birds splashing away. Love it . And I definitely would like to try that recipe but in this little town I doubt I will find brown rice farina. πŸ™‚


    1. It does bring joy to my day to see them splashing all the water about, Dor. If you need me to send you some brown rice farina, let me know! Hubby ate the leftovers tonight. That’s a good sign he likes it.


    1. It wasn’t really spicy, just a clove of garlic. The tomatoes are roasted and flavorful, but I wouldn’t consider them spicy. I can’t eat spicy foods late in the day with Niaspan, I wake terribly itchy and flushed (and I didn’t last night). Your digestive system must be all that’s aging, Dianna.


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