Wild Bird Wednesday–More Fun with Seagulls

Time once again for Wild Bird Wednesday!

Another storm front is moving through this week. The Ring-billed Gulls are still searching for food. One saw me filling feeders today and called my name. Well, actually it sounded more like a cat’s meow.

Ring-billed Gull

Ring-billed Gull

I told it I’d find something for it to eat. Not having time to bake crackers like their last visit, I mixed a crumbly bowl of peanut butter, shortening, cornmeal, flour and cracked corn to sprinkle on the ground.

backyard2014 040

It had invited about 50 of its closest friends in the meantime.

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30 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–More Fun with Seagulls

  1. Oh, goodness; you’ve started something now. My mom used to say it was “rough on the water” when you saw seagulls inland (although you’re really not inland, are you??).


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