Friday Fictioneers–7 February 2014

Copyright–Dawn M. Miller

This is the photo prompt for our 100-word stories for Friday Fictioneers. Write your story and join the party–everyone is invited! Here’s mine:


The door sign stated, “Children must be held by the hand.” Ok, but my kid’s got two hands, always touchin’ stuff. We stepped into the Antique Boutique. Donnie, displaying his usual curiosity, brushed against a lamp–and a genie appeared!

Three wishes were offered, to which Donnie replied, “I want to touch that moose head up there.” A gust lifted him high, and settled him back on his feet.

“Your second wish?”

Donnie’s eyes were wide now, “An XBOX 360!” And there it was.

“Your third wish?”

“I wish I had more wishes.”

POOF, an entire table of lamps appeared.

See? That’s how easy it is to come up with 100 words. Give it a shot, and link your post to Rochelle’s blog linky. Or, just pop over and read what others have written.