Share Your World–2014 Week 5

Buckle your seat belt and put on your crash helmet–it’s time for another trip around Share Your World! Here are Cee’s four questions for this week:

1. If you had a choice to live anywhere, would you choose:

  • Salt-water beaches
  • Forest
  • Fresh-water lakes
  • Hot Tub
  • Ski Resort
  • Desert

After two snowstorms in two weeks, a hot tub in the desert sounds pretty good.

2. What was your favorite toy as a child…and now?

I remember Jacks and Pick Up Sticks on the front porch; now, my toys are electronic–computer, tablet, smart phone.

3. Which do you prefer: Sweet, salty, or both at the same time?

I’m thinking of Kettle Corn, so both would be good.

4. Would you prefer snowy winters, or not, and why?

OR NOT! Because there would be entirely too much whining over here on my blog, which is not good for readership.

If you’re a new visitor, you can click Share Your World, create your  own post, and link to Cee’s blog; or leave your answers in the comments below. I always enjoy reading your answers.