Random 5 Friday

Nancy at a Rural Journal hosts Random 5 Friday each week. Here are my random thoughts for today:

  • Our female Painted Bunting is still visiting, after all. She’s been checking out the different feeders, reminds me of Goldilocks. As you can tell, I’m still experimenting with white balance for a snowy background.

    Female Painted Bunting
  • Met my hubby for lunch today at Panera Bread. They have several new items on the menu. I tried the Winter Power Salad, hubby had Chicken Sorrentina Pasta, both with soup. We would have those again. We also shared an Apple Crunch Muffin–YUM!
  • Our area is holding an E-cycling event tomorrow. Household hazardous waste and electronic items will be collected in the Virginia Aquarium parking lot from 10-2:00 (for locals who haven’t heard). More information is available at
  • I started writing Morning Pages again this week. That’s three pages of handwritten stream-of-consciousness brain dump, first thing in the morning.
  • Here’s another mermaid for you, this is one of my favorites:
    Mermaid on Parade–from the back
    Head shot close-up

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29 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

  1. I cannot find a Panera Bread in our area. We went out to a restaurant called “Oregano” today, so I wouldn’t have to cook. I’m trying to work on the last stage of getting my book in print. I have to order from a gluten-free menu ever since I found out that I’m allergic to wheat. It’s a bummer. I had a delicious salad there, but I couldn’t find anything else I would have enjoyed. I miss Panera. Blessings to you, Patti…


    1. No Panera? That’s just not right, Carol Ann! I didn’t know you couldn’t tolerate gluten. I’m happy to see there are more food options becoming available for those allergic to wheat. Blessings to you.


    1. I agree, Darlene, everything about this mermaid was stunning, the hair was a work of art in itself. The e-cycling events come and go without notice and we hear about it after the fact. I stumbled onto this one when our trash pick-up was delayed by the snow, I was checking to see what day to put it on the curb. We’ve accumulated an assortment of items and were waiting for the next one.


    1. She is a beautiful mermaid, and I agree with your comment on her hair. It is amazing. I don’t know why I stopped doing morning pages, Trisha, but I’m glad to get back into the routine. It really does help me sort out my day.


    1. She was a lovely surprise this winter, Eileen. I hope she stays, and a male comes to find her. πŸ™‚ I love Panera! They’ve added so many new things to their menu, I have to keep going back to try them all.


    1. Oh, Pix, I hope this little lady Bunting stays with us. It’s always nice to add to the family. πŸ™‚ Glad you liked the mermaid, she is really pretty. It was hard to capture it in the bright sunlight that day.


    1. She is a lovely mermaid, Abby. The male Painted Bunting is brightly multicolored–really beautiful–though I’ve only seen him in pictures! We are in the northernmost part of their range.


    1. Thanks, Georgette. I’ve missed morning pages two days in a row–had errands to run early Tuesday, and make preparation for the snowstorm. Hubby was off today, snowed in. My writing has slacked off since the blog, too.


  2. I used to keep a Journal before I started blogging — you made me think of it again…but I don’t seem to have time as it is (not sure why, being old and retired and all that). You are lucky to have painted buntings in your yard. And I didn’t know Panera sold salads..we’ll have to try them one day. (I’ll tell them you sent us ;>)!!


  3. E cycling is popular here too it is a wonderful thing there seems to be a lot of E waste now a day.
    Dumping the thoughts of your mind every morning is always a great thing I do that too:)
    Love the Mermaid she is beautiful. Hug B


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