We Still Have Snow

Apparently, the snow did not get the message and melt already. I suppose it’s been too cold for that to happen. The sun tried to make it go away, I saw glistening edges on the birdbath. Then everything froze again. There’s an abundance of ice now, too.  The meteorologists promise 45F degrees Saturday, surely warmer temperatures will prevail. We are just not used to snow sticking around for any length of time.

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

I don’t know what the birdie connected to the tail in the lower left corner is looking for. Maybe it’s building a tunnel under there, a direct route to the seed. Then it will set up a toll booth.

I had to throw in the tolls comment, some of the local bridge/tunnel crossings will soon be sporting electronic toll collections. The link will take you to an article in a new browser window, in case you want to read about it. The article states tolls in the $4.00–6.00 range will be required to fund the construction of more lanes. However, it also states that with high tolls, drivers may avoid them, thereby reducing traffic congestion. It seems to me, the congestion will move elsewhere.


27 thoughts on “We Still Have Snow

  1. I think this has been a rough winter for a lot of us…I’ll be so glad to see spring roll around. Looks like your birds aren’t having any trouble with the snow though, I’m sure that’s due to you making sure they have plenty of food available.


    • I know you’ve been hit especially hard this winter, Patti. I’m looking forward to spring, and hope to have things cleaned up inside the house so I can play outside when it arrives. 🙂


  2. My husband commented yesterday that everyone’s all up-in-arms about the new tolls: years ago ( ahem, when I was a child), there were tolls on all the bridges around here, as well as the Jamestown ferry. Then, the tolls were removed (silly idea) and now everyone’s upset that we’re having tolls again!


    • I remember coming here as a teen and there being a toll at the HRBT. I understand the need, there isn’t getting to be any less traffic, but the amounts mentioned in the article would be quite a hit to the wallet, Dianna.


        • I’ve never been to New England, but I have heard there are a lot of tolls in NY. Linn mentioned recently his brother pays close to $100 in tolls between MI and WV. I guess we’ve had it easy for a long time.


  3. The snow is everywhere, isn’t it? I am so over it. But it is so cold and windy here that it is not enjoyable at all. I like a nice snow but this winter I don’t like it as much. i have been filling the feeders up non stop the past couple of days—-between the huge crows and the deer I am going through a lot of seed.


    • It’s much colder where you are, Beth Ann. The wind comes and goes here, last night it was really beating things around. Calling for 45 here on Saturday, but more rain/snow late in the day and temps once again taking a nosedive. I’m trying to make the most of this time and purging some things from the house.


    • I think our high was 25 today, Theresa. Heat wave! However, not much snow melted. I met hubby for lunch, and I think I slid around the corner into the parking lot rather than steered! Most of the roads are clear, except for a few shaded spots that are still icy.


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