We Still Have Snow

Apparently, the snow did not get the message and melt already. I suppose it’s been too cold for that to happen. The sun tried to make it go away, I saw glistening edges on the birdbath. Then everything froze again. There’s an abundance of ice now, too.  The meteorologists promise 45F degrees Saturday, surely warmer temperatures will prevail. We are just not used to snow sticking around for any length of time.

Lunch Time

I don’t know what the birdie connected to the tail in the lower left corner is looking for. Maybe it’s building a tunnel under there, a direct route to the seed. Then it will set up a toll booth.

I had to throw in the tolls comment, some of the local bridge/tunnel crossings will soon be sporting electronic toll collections. The link will take you to an article in a new browser window, in case you want to read about it. The article states tolls in the $4.00–6.00 range will be required to fund the construction of more lanes. However, it also states that with high tolls, drivers may avoid them, thereby reducing traffic congestion. It seems to me, the congestion will move elsewhere.