Random 5 Friday

Nancy at A Rural Journal hosts Random 5 Friday, where others can link their blog posts and share what’s going on in their lives. Let’s see if I can nail down a few of those things floating around in my brain…

1. I got a good report from my massage therapist today…my knotty muscles weren’t being so naughty this time.

2. We had plumbing issues this week, couldn’t use the washer or dishwasher for three days. I hardly knew what to do with myself! But now I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

3. Now that our mystery bird has been identified as a female painted bunting, I haven’t seen her at the feeder since last week. Maybe she’s in Witness Protection and wants to remain incognito.

4. Granddaughter, Bailey,ย  got to play dress-up with the big kids.

Photo courtesy of Taylor McElvy

5. And here’s a mermaid, also wearing pink:

Norfolk Mermaids on Parade

That’s it for Random 5 Friday. I hope you have a great weekend!



34 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

  1. #3 made me laugh…incognito. Seems a lot of birds [especially if you want a photo of it] go into a witness protection program and disappear altogether.

    LOVE the photo of Bailey. She’s so precious.


  2. Patti,

    You spell Patti the same way my Mom does!

    Glad you had a good report from the massage therapist. I have never had a body massage, only a quick head and neck. I think a massage would be awesome.

    I hope everything worked out good with the plumber. Not fun. We live in J’s Grandma’s ranch house. We have lots of practice fixing things up. Every once in a while the toilet overflows. The good news is it’s clean water and usually happens when we have company spending the night.

    Bailey looks like she is ok with dressing up.

    Thank You for dropping in at my blog and leaving a comment.


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