Random 5 Friday

Friday was a busy day, so I’m doing Random 5 Friday on Saturday.

1. Today’s high was 72F. We’re currently in the midst of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and Tornado Watch. This has been one week of crazy weather, a little bit of everything thrown in. We now know our NOAA weather radio works (loud)! We bought one for hurricane season, which, thankfully, turned out to be uneventful.

2. A pot of vegetable soup is simmering on the stove, the TV is on FOX for the NFL playoff game between the Seahawks and Saints. Hubby is still at work, but is going to pick up a loaf of Panera’s Tomato Basil bread on his way home. For dessert: Blackberry Cobbler

3. Our treadmill was delivered and assembled Friday. Looking forward to increasing my winter activity level (and burning off all those Christmas calories).

4. A Song Sparrow got a bath before the rain came,

Song Sparrow

and our unidentified green bird is still here.

Mystery bird

5. Here’s the mermaid for the week:

Norfolk Mermaid on Parade

Thanks for joining me for Random 5 Friday. Follow the link to see what others are sharing.