Wild Bird Wednesday 78–Feathers and Fur

No feathers or fur were flying–they seem to have a mutual respect for each other.

An American Crow was feasting on the platform–until this squirrel came along. The squirrel timidly approached, placed its front paws on the feeder, then backed off–several times. I don’t know what it said to the crow, but the crow hopped off and let the squirrel have a snack.

backyard2014 001

The crow walked around to the side of the feeder…

backyard2014 003

…it must have given the squirrel the stink eye, because it didn’t stay much longer.

backyard2014 007

Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday–come on over and see some beautiful birds from around the world. Everyone is welcome to link up their bird posts.

Thanks for hosting, Stewart.


25 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 78–Feathers and Fur

  1. I enjoy both crows and squirrels…funny, energetic, noisy…a lot like most of my friends. Glad to see the wildlife behaving nicely in your yard. I saw three deer walking down the hill when I was leaving for work this morning.


  2. Squirrels are formidable foes. My Shady (pet cat) met a squirrel face to face with only a window glass between them. The little critter with the bushy tail showed an evil grin that made my blood run cold. Until that incident, I thought squirrels were cute. Don’t get one mad at you! Yikes! Blessings to you, Patti…


    • They can be rough on each other. I saw a squirrel with a stubby tail the other day, and many times their ears have been chewed. I’ll keep the peanuts coming! Blessings to you, Carol Ann.


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