Share Your World–2014 Week 1

Starting off the New Year with week one of Share Your World.

1. What are some of your favorite types of protein to eat? (meat, eggs, soy, cheese, nuts)
I’m nutty for nuts! Eggs and cheese are high on the list, too. Meat–I can take it or leave it–prefer chicken or fish.

2. Are you a morning or night person?
Night person.

3. What is your preferred hot drink? (coffee, tea, water, or other)
Early in the day it’s tea, in the evening, hot chocolate.

4. Out of your five senses (touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing) which is your favorite?
Sight–I enjoy seeing the beauty in everything our Creator made.

There you have it, Cee’s questions for week one of Share Your World. Now it’s your turn to create a post and link to Cee’s blog, or share your answers in the comments below. It’s always nice to see what you’re thinking, and get to know you better.