Wild Bird Wednesday 77–Mystery Bird

I have a mystery bird for Wild Bird Wednesday. Can anyone ID it for me?

We’ve had a new visitor in our backyard the last 2-3 weeks. It’s similar in size to the Song Sparrow, and feeds on the ground. It resembles pictures of a female or immature Painted Bunting, though it seems to be a bit farther north than expected.


It’s a very pretty little bird, and a creature of habit. I always find it eating in the same spot, and turned the same direction. Maybe it’s camera shy?

Happy New Year to Stewart and the birders at Wild Bird Wednesday!


20 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday 77–Mystery Bird

  1. Beak doesn’t seem right for a bunting, not finch like enough. Is the beak a big old finch like beak? The body type seems very “warbler” to me. Wish we could see the front.. 😀 No marks on the wings or tail? Looks as though there is a bit of a white eye ring?? It’s a mystery! I want to know, I hope someone can ID it.. 🙂
    Happy New Year Patti!


  2. Does anyone think it could be a Red-eyed Vireo? Checked my Birds of North America and that’s as close as I came. Nevertheless, thanks Patti for always having such a keen eye. Another treat!


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